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We are here for you. We like when there is busy and hubbub in Neptun. We are happy to spend time with your friends or family at your favourite table. When you like our food. When you leave satisfied and come back the next day because you have already missed us. And we? We do everything to make the time spent with us the best for you.

You can pay by card in our restaurant.

Excellent fresh cuisine, a wide selection of alcohols, professional service, nice atmosphere.

It takes about 15 minutes to prepare the food.
In the event of a large number of guests, this time may be extended, for which we are terribly sorry.

We organize parties as well as business and family meetings. Organized groups are welcomed.

Enjoy delicious fish and meat dishes. We are open all year round.

Selected items
our Menu

Breakfast (until 12:00)

Captain’s breakfast for 2

Scrambled Eggs made of 4 eggs, Boiled Wieners (150g), Tomato, Cucumber, Cheese, Mustard, Butter and Bread (200g)

49,00 zł Allergenes (1,3,7,10) /

Sailor’s breakfast

Toast gratinated (50g) with Spinach (150g), Egg and Cheese, served with Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber, Butter and Bread (100g)

31,00 zł Allergenes (1,3,7) /

Neptune’s breakfast

Scrambled Eggs made of 3 eggs, Cheese, Ham, Tomato, Cucumber, Butter and Bread (100g)

29,00 zł Allergenes (1,3,7) /

Boatswain’s breakfast

Plain Yoghurt (200ml), Fruit, Cereal, Nutella, Jam, , Croissant(50g)

34,00 zł Allergenes (1,5,7,8) /


Vegan sandwich (100g), sweet potatoes, avocado, mixed lettuce, Gouda and Cedar flavor cheese, mustard

34,00 zł Alergeny (1,6,7,10) /


with fruit and spicy cucumber and onion sauce and sweet potato fries

28,00 zł Alergeny (1,10,11) / 250g


with powdered sugar

22,00 zł Alergeny (1,3,7) / 200g


with fruit and chocolate topping

24,00 zł Alergeny (1,3,7) / 200g

Hot dogs

with Ketchup, Butter and Rolls (100g)

24,00 zł Allergenes (1,7,10) /

Warm starters

Moules New Zealander

served with wine sauce and Ciabatta

43,00 zł Alergeny (1,2,4,7,12) / 200g

Crunchy calamari

served with chili sauce and vinaigrette salad

34,00 zł Allergenes (1,2,3) / 200g


Belted with Bacon coat, served with Tomato dip and Ciabatta

30,00 zł Allergenes (1,7,9) / 150g


with Fresh Tomatoes, Garlic, Basil and Goat Cheese

28,00 zł Allergenes (1,3,6,7,10) / 150g

TWISTER shrimps

in Filo Pastry served with Chili Sauce and Fresh Salad

30,00 zł Allergenes (1,2,4,7) / 150g

Cold starters

Herring Tartare

with Balkan Yoghurt, served with Butter and Bread (100g)

29,00 zł Allergenes (1,4,7) / 150g

Salmon Tartare

served with Butter and Bread (100g)

39,00 zł Allergenes (1,4,7) / 100g

Baltic Herring in Oil

served with Onion, Butter and Bread (100g)

25,00 zł Allergenes (1,4,7) / 150g


served with Lettuce, Capers, Parmesan Cheese and Ciabatta

39,00 zł Allergenes (1,3,7) / 100g


Traditional Chicken Soup

served with Noodles

15,00 zł Allergenes (1,5,9) / 450ml

Tomato Soup

served with Noodles or Rice

16,00 zł Allergenes (1,5,7,9) / 450ml

Mediterranean-Style Fish Soup

served with Seafood and Warm Bread

31,00 zł Allergenes (2,4,5,9) / 450ml

Spanish-style Goulash Soup

served with Chorizo Sausage and Bread roll

29,00 zł Allergenes (5,9,10) / 450ml

Royal White Borscht

ed with Egg and Potatoes

27,00 zł Allergenes (1,3,7,9) / 450ml

Dishes of flour and Vegetarian Dishes


with Cottage Cheese and Potato stuffing, sprinkled with Fried Onion (8 pieces)

25.00 zł Allergenes (1,3,7) / 250g

Dumplings with Cabbage and Mushrooms

sprinkled with Fried Onion (8 pieces)

27,00 zł Allergenes (1,3,7) / 250g

Zucchini baked with almonds

served fresh Cheese dip, Rice and vinaigrette-salad

32,00 zł Allergenes (1,3,8) / 250g/150g/100g

Spaghetti with Soy balls

in Tomato sauce

31,00 zł Allergenes (1,6,7,9) / 450g


Spaghetti Bolognese

with Tomato sauce and Parmesan Cheese

28,00 zł Allergenes (1,5,9) / 450g

Spaghetti Carbonara

with Bacon in cream sauce

31,00 zł Allergenes (1,3,5,7,9) / 450g

Tagliatelle Nevi

with Scampi Shrimps, chilli Pepper, Garlic in wine – buttery sauce

47,00 zł Allergenes (1,2,7) / 450g

Pasta with Chicken and Zucchini

in Tomato cream sauce, with Onions, Olives, Peppers and Capers

40,00 zł Allergenes (1,3,9) / 450g

Pasta with Cheese sauce

grilled Pancetta Bacon and Arugula

39,00 zł Allergenes (1,3,7) / 450g


Greek Salad

Feta Cheese, Cucumber, Tomato, Pepper, red Onion, Olives, vinaigrette sauce,served with Ciabatta Bread

35,00 zł Allergenes (1,7,8,10) / 350g

Grilled Chicken Breast Salad

Grilled Chicken Breast, mix of Lettuce, aried Tomatoes, red Onion, Parmesan Cheese, Cucumber, Pepper, vinaigrette sauce, served with Ciabatta Bread

40,00 zł Allergenes (1,5,7,9) / 350g

Grilled Salmon Salad

Grilled Salmon, mix of Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes, Olives, Pepper, red Onion, Capers, exotic sauce, served with Ciabatta Bread

46,00 zł Allergenes (1,4) / 350g


Pike Perch from the oven or fried in Beer Batter

with Herb Butter, French fries or Mashed Potatoes and mix of fresh Salad

48,00 zł Allergenes (1,3,4,7,9) / 200g/150g/150g

Salmon from the oven

with Herb Butter, Potato Croquettes and mix of fresh Salad

53,00 zł Allergenes (1,4,5,7) / 200g/150g/150g

Dish of fish (grilled salmon, fried halibut (fillet), fried cod)

served with Horseradish sauce, French fries or Mashed Potatoes and mix of fresh Salad

94,00 zł Allergenes (1,3,4,9) / 600g/200g/300g

Roasted Cod with Spinach and Mozzarella Cheese

served with French fries or Mashed Potatoes

44,00 zł Allergenes (1,4,7,9) / 200g/150g/150g

Grilled Salmon

served with Beetroot Puree (baked) and Sugar Snap Peas

55,00 zł Allergenes (1,4,9) / 200g/150g/150g

Cod in Beer Clough

served with French fries or Country Potatoes and mix of fresh Salad

42,00 zł Allergenes (1,3,4,5,7,8,9) / 200g/150g/150g

Fried Halibut (fillet)

served with grilled vegetables, Baked Potato, fresh Cheese dip

53,00 zł Allergenes (1,4,7,9) / 200g/150g/150g

Grilled Trout

served with grilled vegetables, Baked Potato, fresh Cheese dip

50,00 zł Allergenes (1,4,7,9) / 200g/150g/150g

Pork dishes

„Dijon“ loin gratinated

baked with Cheese, Mustard, Mayonnaise, Mushrooms and Ham, served with French fries or Mashed Potato and mix of fresh Vegetables

47,00 zł Allergenes (1,3,7,9) / 200g/150g/100g

Dish for 2 (3 kinds of grilled meat: juicy Chicken Breast, Heifer Steak and Pork Ioin)

served with French fries or Croquettes, Hunter´s sauce and fresh mix- Salad

83,00 zł Allergenes (1,3,7,9) / 500g/300g/150g/100g

Bavarian Pork Leg

roasted in Beer, Mashed Potato, Braised Cabbage, Horseradish cream

49,00 zł Allergenes (9,10) / 200g/150g/100g

Breaded Pork Cutlet

served with Mashed Potato and Braised Cabbage

37,00 zł Allergenes (1,3,7) / 200g/150g/100g

Grilled Pork Neck

served on grilled vegetables with Baked Potato, and fresh Cheese dip

46,00 zł Allergenes (1,3,7,9) / 200g/150g/150g

Pork fillet wrapped in bacon

served with Beetroot puree, Chanterelle sauce and Sugar Snap Peas

49,00 zł Allergenes (1,7,9) / 200g/150g/100g

Dishes with Beef and Veal

Steak of Beef Tenderlon in Carlic sauce

served with Croquettes and Sugar Snap Peas

77,00 zł Allergenes (1,7,9,10) / 180g/150g/150g

Beef Steak in creamy Chanterelle sauce

served with and Vinaigrette Salad

82,00 zł Allergenes (1,7,9,10) / 180g/150g/150g

VEAL ROSÉ Schnitzel

served with Potato-Salad

52,00 zł Allergenes (1,3,7) / 200g/150g/100g


with Mushrooms, Herb Butter and French fries

52,00 zł Allergenes (1,7,9,10) / 150g/50g/150g

Game dishes

Wild Boar Roast

served with Baked Potato and Braised Cabbage

53,00 zł Allergenes (1,7) / 200g/150g/150g

Wild Boar Goulash

served in traditional Kettle with Baked Potato and Vinaigrette-Salad

54,00 zł Allergenes (1,7) / 200g/150g/150g

Roast Duck in Apple – Cranberry sauce

served with Baked Potato and Braised Cabbage

56,00 zł Allergenes (1,7,8) / 200g/150g/150g

Poultry dishes

Grilled Chicken Breast

served with Fresh Cheese dip or Herb Butter, served with French fries or Mashed Potato and mix of Fresh Salad

37,00 zł Allergenes (1,7,9) / 200g/150g/150g

Meat “Duet” (grilled Chicken fillet, rosé Veal)

served with Baked Potato and Spinach in a Cream Sauce

56,00 zł Allergenes (1,7,9) / 300g/150g/150g

Grilled Chicken Breast in gorgonzola sauce

served with Baked Potato and Vinaigrette Salad

41,00 zł Allergenes (1,7,9) / 200g/150g/150g

Children’s menu

Penne Napoli

in Tomato Sauce

20,00 zł Allergenes (1,5,9) / 250g

Zander Sauté

with Chips and Mix of Fresh Vegetables

27,00 zł Allergenes (1,4,5,9) / 150g/100g/100g

Chicken Fingers

with Chips, Mix of Fresh Vegetables and Ketchup

23,00 zł Allergenes (1,3,7) / 50g/100g/100g


Cherry cake

served with Fruti and whipped Cream

25,00 zł Allergenes (1,3,7) / 150g

Traditional Apple Strudel

served Warm with Vanilla Ice, Fruit in thick gel (cherry flavor) and Whipped Cream

26,00 zł Allergenes (1,3,7) / 150g


served with Vanilla Ice, Fruits in thick gel (cherry flavor) and Whipped Cream

26,00 zł Allergenes (1,3,7) / 150g

Chocolate souffle

with Ice and Vanilla Sauce

29,00 zł Allergenes (1,3,7) / 150g

Walnut Cake

with Fruit and Whipped Cream

18,00 zł Allergenes (1,3,5,7,8) / 120g

Chocolate cake

with Fruit and Whipped Cream

18,00 zł Allergenes (1,3,7) / 120g

Hot drinks

Richmont tea

different tastes

15,00 zł / 250ml

Black Coffee

12,00 zł / 150ml


12,00 zł Allergenes (7) / 150ml

Instant Coffee

12,00 zł / 6g /190ml

Ground Coffee

12,00 zł / 6g /190ml

Black Coffee with whipped cream

15,00 zł Allergenes (3,7) / 150ml

Latte Macchiato

17,00 zł Allergenes (7) / 220ml


12,00 zł / 50ml

Espresso Doppio

19,00 zł / 100ml

Hot chocolate with whipped cream

19,00 zł Allergenes (1,3,5,7,8) / 220ml

Ginger drink

(ginger, orange, lemon, honey, cloves)

19,00 zł / 200ml


Vanilla Shake

21,00 zł Allergenes (3,5,7,8) / 400ml

Chocolate Shake

21,00 zł Allergenes (1,3,5,7,8) / 400ml

Strawberry Shake

21,00 zł Allergenes (3,5,7.8) / 400ml

Banana Shake

21,00 zł Allergenes (3,5,7,8) / 400ml

Kiwi Shake

21,00 zł Allergenes (3,5,7,8) / 400ml

Cold drinks

Mint tea – Frozen Tea with Mint and Lemon

19,00 zł / 200ml

Cucumber tea – Frozen Tea with Silce of Cucumber and Cucumber Syrup

20,00 zł / 200ml

Frozen Coffee with Ice-Cream and Whipped Cream

24,00 zł Allergenes (3,5,7,8) / 200ml

Frozen Coffee with Syrup and Whipped Cream

26,00 zł Alergeny (3,5,7,8) / 200ml


(available only in the summer)

18,00 zł / 200ml


  1. Cereals containing gluten: wheat (including spelled and khorasan wheat), rye, barley, oats
  2. Shellfish
  3. Eggs
  4. Fishes
  5. Peanuts
  6. Soya
  7. Milk
  8. Nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pecans, Brazil nuts, pistachios / pistachios, macadamia nuts or Queensland nuts
  9. Celery
  10. Charlock
  11. Sesame seeds
  12. Carbon dioxide
  13. Molluscs
  14. Lupine

Drinks and alcoholic beverages

A large selection of hot and cold drinks (including Shake) and alcoholic beverages such as beer, drinks, shots and a large wine card.
Everything is available in our restaurant.

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If you have questions for us, you want to: order a table, find out if there is something new on the menu today, organize a special event or order catering, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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